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Arusha and Arjen recently celebrated 4 years of marriage. This October they will celebrate being a couple for 16,5 years. Arusha and Arjen met during a school outing to the theater in Arnhem. They exchanged looks and during the interval Arusha gave her phone number to Arjen. The rest, as they say, is history.
Arjen proposed in Iceland, where they did a stopover on their way to New York City. Arjen had everything prepared and the beautiful Spa in Iceland was in on Arjen’s proposal plans. Arusha however, had other plans. Arjen tried to coach her to the location where he wanted to propose (champagne was on it’s way at a certain time) and he had the ring safely tucked away, but Arusha was interested in going anywhere and everywhere except for the spot Arjen wanted her to be.
With so many years of love under their belts, what better way to celebrate than by doing a romantic anniversary session on the beach, one of their favorite places.

Photography by Anouschka Rokebrand |Hair & make-up: Marianne Roza for The Beautiful Bride Company | Headpiece: SIBO Designs | Suit: Gallery Tailors | Gown: H&M | Bouquet: Mullers Floral Art  | Silk Ribbons: Orchidee de Soie

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