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Inspiration time!The photographer wanted to recreate the wedding atmosphere  and to show a tender bridal beauty. And really he managed to do it! The female model looks very beautiful in her gorgeous white flowy dress. She is a paragon of femininity. Her look and naturally helps to feel the unique atmosphere of the wedding day. As for the venue, photographer’s chosen the best places for capturing such editorial. The nature is wonderful and a day seems to be nice too. In fact, they say dreams come true on the wedding day, do you agree?

Credits: Photography: Christine ClarkCoordination: BeLoved /  Venue: Dillingham Ranch  /  Gowns: Alexandra Grecco  /  Bridal Salon: Magnolia White Honolulu  /  Florals: Passion Roots  /  Stationery: The Little North Sea Studio  /  Model: Lauren Tsai  /  Agency: Kathy Muller  /  Ring: Trumpet & Horn  /  Shoes: Bella Belle  /  Makeup: Lena Hanson  /  Hair: Marissa Pastrana  /  Table runner: Adorn Co.  /  Tableware: Maison De Ware  /  Chairs: Hawaii Tents & Events  /  Cake: Cakeworks

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