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When Dreams Come True

Every girl knows fairy tales about princesses and princes, about their love and big amazing weddings in the castles, and secretly dreams about such beautiful sincere love. What if your dream will come true? Today’s wedding is such wonderful example of dreams coming true. A bride looks like real princess! Her gorgeous white dress by […]

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Bridal Morning In Italy

Oh this exciting time in the morning before wedding when you are dreaming about upcoming event, feeling at the same time large happiness and excitement.On this important day, sometime later, you will link your life with your lover forever. When you will say your “I do” and your life will change forever. Actually, It is […]

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My Sailing Dreams

Today we will be immersed into the atmosphere of one very interesting styled photo shooting. A concept of this photography is really topical, especially, now, in the fall. The photographer wants to show us: “escaping winter by just sailing away far away where the sun is”. Interesting idea, isn’t it? Sometimes when it is cold, […]

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Wonderful Olive Wedding In Italy

Welcome to Italy – one of the best countries for travel, relax and of course, love! Its classical architecture, cheerful people, sparkling wines and narrow streets create especially romantic atmosphere gifting inspiration for everyone! This enamored couple was also inspired by this adorable country so they decided that their wedding should be exactly here! Their […]

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Inspiration Boheme Chic En Provence

Today’s shooting is full of inspiration! It is conducted at the request of Laetitia Sobie from “Bubbles D’amours” – a wedding planner with her own creative and fresh vision. For this inspirational shooting was chosen a real couple, not professional models! These lovers, Laurine and Stéphane, live together for 11 years and they‘ve got two […]

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