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Take Me To Thailand!

Searching for inspiration in something exotic and atmospheric? Then welcome to the Thailand! Probably it is one of the most dream country to have a wedding there. And there is nothing surprising as Thailand impresses with its radiant golden hue beaches, shining blue waves, fascinating culture and of course a spirit of freedom and bliss. […]

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Love in Thailand

Obviously, Thailand is a perfect place for love and happiness. These lovers know it very well. They’ve asked Vasia, the photographer, to join them and to feel the unique atmosphere of nature and their sincere feelings. Everything looks so flawless on these photos – from the fiancée’s dress to those stones on the beach. The […]

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Thailand Wedding

Tino and Verna are amazing couple. They both are very sweet and in love with each other. The bride is wearing a beautiful white dress and Valentino shoes and the groom looks so cool in his dark blue suit and brown shoes. So, this is Thailand, a very romantic and wondefrul place: beach, ocean, nature, […]

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