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Perfection in Taiwan

Beauty is in details. This photoshoot is not an exception. Firt of all, the model looks very beautiful. Her name is Nicole and she has a very fresh and natural beauty. Her eyes are lively. Nicole is wearing a gorgeous white wedding dress. Perhaps she feels like a queen in it. As for the shoes, […]

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Bridal Inspiration

First of all, the model looks really beautiful. She is blonde, slim and has a natural charisma. Secondly, she is wearing just a gorgeous white wedding dress, probably she feels like a princess in it. The bride is also wearing some nice earrings and of course a ring. The photographer has a talent for such […]

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Love Is A Gift

They say love is always a gift. Today Jon and Leslie are getting married. No doubt, they are very happy. The couple are wearing beautiful attires: a gorgeous white dress and a stylish dark blue suit. It is also said a wedding is a little celebration of your new family, so it should be the […]

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Special Moments

Every couple have their secrets. Those are their intimate moments. And this two sweethearts  are not an exeption. The photos have been taken in San Francisco – the ocean, rocks,  so the atmosphere is just wonderful. These lovers really adore each other. They  are so sweet and tender with each other. Look how gently the fiancé […]

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Love Has No Age

Here are just wonderful photos of the lovely couple. Yes, they are not 20 or something, but they are still in love! Look how they look at each other, there is so much tenderness in their eyes. The location is beautifull, too, Paris and the Eiffel Tower and Seine. The photographer took really stunning photos. […]

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