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Rustic Boho Auckland Wedding

aBeauty is everywhere. Just look at these wonderful wedding photos! The happy couple are enjoying their big day today.These two strongly loving hearts are a very lovely couple, they seem to be really into each other. As they are walking and holding each other’s hands, the photographer is trying to capture this one and only […]

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Intimate Italy Elopement

If you think you’ve already thought all beautiful places in Italy, you should see this photography! I really like romantic travel shootings by Rochelle Cheever because they always showcase a beauty of love at the background of our amazing world. This wedding story is also not an exception. It was held at Lake Como, Northern Italy. […]

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Fascinating Desert Engagement

Searching for inspiration? Then you certainly should see this photo shooting! Andre and Leanna are in love with each other. They decided to take this after wedding photos in the desert where nobody could distract them from their feelings. This is a calm place in the middle of nature in a desert with fresh air […]

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Forever Love in Scotland

Kristal and Dish are married for a year but today is their engagement story! Interesting, isn’t’ it? It took place in Scotland – a country with fascinating nature. So the background on the photos is really worthy to be seen! But of course the main thing is this lovely couple. These photos are a proof […]

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Crystal Mountain Engagement

Engagement stories made on the nature are really amazing because here we can see the combination of nature and love powerful. These beautiful and very important moments were capture by a photographer on the top of Crystal Mountain. So the landscapes here are impressing and breathtaking. We also can see that one of the happiest […]

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