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Bridal Beach Inspiration

Sea and beach… What can be better? The photographer has chosen a very wonderful place for the photoshoot. So, the model is wearing just a gorgeous white wedding dress. It is also flattering which gives a hint of romance and love. The model looks really beautiful. She has nice hair and a marvelous make-up. She […]

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Lovely Engagement

Dayana and Eric are cute couple and they are now engaged. One cannot help notice their from-ear-to-ear smiles. These two seem to love each other so much. They say love is about giving and receiving. You cannot just wait for something if you do not give love back, that is the fact. Anyways, Dayana is […]

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Colorful Fall Wedding

No doubt, the photographer Taylor Lord took very beautiful photos of this wedding. It is fall, so everything is in yellow and red colors. One can see a lot of frlowers, trees and plants here. Nature is really splendid! So, the couple is celebrating today their love with the family and friends. The bride is […]

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Wedding inspiration

Every bride in her life wants to have a specific or unusual day in life. Day when changes are happened every moment. Taylord Lord photographer shows all the aspects of brides ‘ mornning. It includes the bouquet of flowers, wedding dress, spiritual views… The atmosphere there is calm, modern and snug. The bridesmaid is a […]

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Misterious wedding

Unusual, unpredictable wedding with some misterious shadows. We can supervise all the transformation of human’s soul in their different sides. The bride looks like a princess in the historical place. Only the beautiful flowers bouquet freshs this moment. We also feel the pure soul all of it, it’s great displayed in white peonies, ancient wall, […]

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