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Such a Lovely Wedding

They say a wedding is a new page of the couple’s book. Everything changes on that day. Despite the lovers have known each other for a long time, there is still something new and special for them on such day. Katya and Colin are getting married today. They’ve asked all their friends and family to […]

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Celebrating the Wedding

This is another splendid wedding. The photographer Tec Petaja took very amazing photos. He managed to capture those intimate moments of the happy couple. These two are having their promenade, they are kissing and smiling a lot. Once can see how happy they are. The bride is wearing a wonderful dress. The groom looks so […]

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Sweet Weekend

Weekend, finally! Charlotte and Michael seem to have a time of their life on these photos. The’ve asked the photographer to join them and to take some cute photos. Actually, the photographer did a really good job. All the photos are sincere and lively. There is no lie about them, the lovers do not try […]

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