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Wedding in London

Weddings are all about happiness and love. Sarah and Oli are the lovely couple who are getting married today. They both seem to be very proud of themselves. All their friends and families are today with them to celebrate this big event. The day is nice, so it is very easy just to live your […]

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Bright London Engagement

England is all about simplicity and fun. These engagement photos are not an exception. The couple are very happy today, they are smiling and kissing a lot. Whilst they are talking and sipping their drinks, the photographer is trying to capture those atmospheric moments. One must notice how cute and sweet these two are. Obviously, […]

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Just Married in Ibiza

Ibiza has always been a wonderful place for taking photos. The couple decided to enjoy its view and to share these splendid moments together. The photographer joined them and took very beautiful and tender photos. One can see amazing nature, a lot of trees and stones. The day itself is sunny and shadows give the […]

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