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Joy in California

Well, California has always been a perfect place for fun and joy. Tahlia and David know it very well. The couple are having a really great time here playing with each other while the photographer is trying to capture a perfect moment. Love can be different, but it is always so wonderful to be in […]

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Romantic Day

The day is sunny and warm. The river is flowing slowly. There are many green trees. Time stops when love comes. Actually, love is all around, it is even in the air. Caitlin and Austin are so sweet couple. One can see they are resonating happiness and love. The photographer Abby Jiu succeeded in capturing […]

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It’s All About Elegance

Adrienne and John are lovely and vivid couple. They seem to have a lot of fun doing this photoshoot. The fiancée is wearing two attires: a simple but gorgeous pink dress and dark blue heels. Risky but fantastic choice! And her second attire is a lovely girly dress and white shoes. Her sweetheart is also […]

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