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Wonderful French Wedding

Today’s story is about these two people in love who seem to have a time of their life today. They’ve asked the photographer to join them and to take some sweet photos. The photography took place at the old abbey in France which looks picturesque and breathtaking.  This is a very nice place for a photo shoot. […]

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French Riviera Engagement

France continues impressing everyone with its romantic atmosphere and beautiful places. Today we will see such place – French Riviera, where one very cheerful couple has an engagement shooting. Lovers are young and full of energy and desire to share their lives with each other. So such romantic adventure is exactly for them! It’s really […]

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Cozy Chateau Wedding

Oh, France! A country of love and romance! We are going to see a France wedding at Chateau – a residence of lord of the manor or a country house of nobility which walls are full of history, and greatness. Everybody can feel himself as a nobleman when he stays there. It is a graceful […]

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It’s Paris! O la la!

Oh love! O Paris! Oh la la! We are in the one of the most romantic city in the word! The air there is fully filled with love. It is the real city of couples, joy, art, aroma coffee with croissants and more. The architecture here is amazing, it anyway will inspire you! And this […]

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Sunstone Villa Wedding

It is always very touching to see different love and wedding stories. It is well know that wedding is one of the most important stages in our lives. So every couple tries to do do this event unforgettable, so every detail has a large meaning, especially important is a place for wedding. Fortunately, these pretty […]

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