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Breathtaking Scotland Wedding

Today we will be immersed into the breathtaking wedding atmosphere. The wedding took place in real vintage castle in Scotland – a country of incredible landscapes and interesting traditions. A photographer captured all this beauty that has become a perfect backdrop for true love. Wedding ceremony is held at the edge of a coastal rock […]

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Amazing Istanbul Wedding

Want  to see a perfect destination wedding? Then welcome to Isabella and Igal’s Istanbul wedding! These two loving doves both live in London but organized their wedding in Istanbul as it’s Igal’s hometown. So to capture every moment of their happiness, they’ve invited a talented photographer Greg Fink. He did a great work, so now […]

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Dreamy Portuguese Wedding

Today’s wedding takes place in Portuguese! So if still don’t know how the dream may look then you surely should see this amazing photography. On the background you can see the radiant blue ocean, coastal rocks, sunny golden beach and deep sky. The nature looks magnificent! It seems that you can even feel this fresh […]

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Picturesque New Zealand Wedding

These wedding photos are all about love and amazing scenery of a country which beauty is breathtaking. After visiting there you will have a lot of impressions and memories. So it’s one of best place for wedding. Here one can definitely find peace. Hails and Darbs are getting married today. They must be very happy […]

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Magic at the Blackwater Castle

Welcome to the Ireland! This wonderful wedding is held at the Blackwater castle. It is located in  a small Ireland village where you can see beautiful medieval architecture, do a stroll along its vintage streets and enjoy the Irish spirit. In spite of what you will do, you surely will be fascinated with the beauty […]

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