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Bright Wedding

This wedding is a great example of fun. All the guests seem to have a really good time. They are congratulating the couple on their marriage and enjoying the sunny day. Rebecca and Sri are the happy couple, they are full of happiness today. Actually, the same about their parents and grandparents. As for the […]

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Splendid Wedding

Welcome to Lily and Jonathan wedding! They’ve invited close friends and relatives to share these happy moments with them. You can see a beautiful wedding dress the bride is wearing, it is with elements of lace and it looks really gorgeous. The groom is wearing a blue Burberry suit and stylish brown shoes. All the […]

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A Modern Greece Wedding

Love is all abour devotion. You are very lucky if there is a beloved and an important person with you. Every thing, even a little one, becomes a joy when this person is near you. They even say when you are loved by numbers, you can lose a life wonder. And that is true! So, […]

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Wedding preparation

All of us stand in front of the mirror as a little girl some day with mum´s high heels, one of grandma´s old curtains on our head and way to much lipstick on our lips humming The Wedding March imagining what we might look like as a bride?! And then, only a blink of the […]

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