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Sunny Engagement

The couple look very happy today and there is the reason for it. They’ve asked the photographer Greg Finck to join them today and to take some photos of their engagement. To tell the truth, all the photos are wonderful and lively. This is a very sunny day in Provence, so it is very easy […]

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Malibu Sweetness

Ah, Malibu, the earth of eternal sun, happiness and fun! Here one can definitely find peace and harmony. Ben and Jane are adorable couple and they are now engaged. They’ve asked Jeremy Chou, the photographer, to join them and to jump into adventure. The couple look very happy and in love. They are kissing, smiling […]

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Joy in California

Well, California has always been a perfect place for fun and joy. Tahlia and David know it very well. The couple are having a really great time here playing with each other while the photographer is trying to capture a perfect moment. Love can be different, but it is always so wonderful to be in […]

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True Love

Jana and Troy are very lovely and sweet couple. They both are wearing white clothes and are having just a great mood. They’ve invited the photographer Laura Gordon to share some unique and intimate moments with them. And of course to have photos and memory about this sunny day. The couple are having a chat […]

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Lovely Engagement

Dayana and Eric are cute couple and they are now engaged. One cannot help notice their from-ear-to-ear smiles. These two seem to love each other so much. They say love is about giving and receiving. You cannot just wait for something if you do not give love back, that is the fact. Anyways, Dayana is […]

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