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Publication Rules.


Should be elegant with interesting locations and with well-thought-out design. We like restrained and stylish events.


Pre-wedding and after-wedding photo shootings and love story photography. We like stylish home lifestyle photography, and beautiful photo shooting of a couple on the nature.


Stylized projects, inspirational photo shootings from workshops and master classes with well-thought-out concept, made in sustained style and unique idea.

Other photo shootings:

Could be boudoir, hen parties, anniversaries, lifestyles – those photo shooting which would be inspiration for couples, photographers and other wedding professionals.

Application Rules:

– You should prepare at least 30 photos for your application (50 photos from wedding). Photos should be edited.

– Send your application letter on this mail address info@1001weddings.com

– In your letter you have to add a link on archive or preview from dropbox. You shouldn’t add less than 30 photos into your letter or links for preview in social web sites. Please don’t send archives for download which size is more than 1GB.

– You should be ready for providing a unique text – a photo shooting description.

Choice Criteria.

We carefully approach to choosing of publications to inspire people with the best examples. Every application will be reviewed individually, however, there are general criterions used for evaluating every photo story:

1. Theme and style. First of all, in your letter have to be wedding photos or other type of photography. Photo shooting should be an inspiration for couples and wedding professionals (photographers, designers etc.). We like inspirational photo shootings of the couples on the nature, stylizations with interesting idea, elegant boudoir photos, well-thought-out design without excess, with restraint and style.

2. Uniqueness. In your photo shooting should be novelty and your own idea. We try to publish diverse series. Firstly it refers to styled projects and photography made in photo studios.

3. Photo Editing. We publish both film and digital photos, but necessarily review photo editing and a quality of your photos. Evaluated: skin colors, light, cropping. We do not publish photos which are very contrast, bright, with excess effects. There shouldn’t be more than 5% black-and-white photos in your photo series. We do not publish photos which are very contrast, bright, with excess effects. There shouldn’t be more than 5% black-and-white photos in your photo series.

4. Number of Photos. We publish not less than 25 photos from series by deleting similar ones. Therefore in your application should be no less than 35-40 photos for us to have a choice. Too brief photo series will not be chosen. Herewith your photos should be diverse. If there are 100 photos of the same type, this series won’t be chosen.

5. Style of 1001weddings.com. We prefer light, graceful and elegant weddings and photo shootings, in which couple’s looks, decoration and location – are in harmony. To understand general style of 1001weddings.com you can see example of publications on our web site.


Send your application letter on info@1001weddings.com right now!

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