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Wedding in Tucson Mountains

This is a very colorful wedding. The bridesmaid’s dresses are of a really great color, red. The best men are wearing stylish black suites and sunglasses. Yes, the day is so sunny and warm that it is impossible to resist its beauty! The couple are in love with each other. As they are walking, laughing […]

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Stunning Inspiration

Inspired by weddings, the photographer KT Merry decided to do a wedding photoshoot. To be honest, the photographer succeeded in taking amazing pictures. The female model looks very beautiful in a magnificent white wedding dress. The male model is wearing a nice black suit and comfortable shoes. They seem like professinals of their work, both […]

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California Wedding

Love… What a great feeling! Everything becomes to have sense when you are in love. You begin to notice some details, to feel the wonderful atmoshpere and to love entire world. Welcome to Brandon and Grace’s wedding! The couple is very into each other, they are smiling and kissing a lot. As they are having their […]

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What a Lovely Couple

Ah, what a magnificent place! There are a flower field, green trees and plants here. The sun is shining and warming the couple by its rays. Chelsea and Matt are adorable couple who are really in love. As they are walking and kissing in the flower field, the photographer is capturing some sincere and important […]

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Bridal Beach Inspiration

Sea and beach… What can be better? The photographer has chosen a very wonderful place for the photoshoot. So, the model is wearing just a gorgeous white wedding dress. It is also flattering which gives a hint of romance and love. The model looks really beautiful. She has nice hair and a marvelous make-up. She […]

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