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Engagements are always full of joy and sweetness. The couples are so themselves at such moments, their eyes are sparkling, their mood is great and they do kiss and smile a lot.Everybody wants to preserve those unique moments and to live the whole life loved by their sweethearts.
Susy and Stephen are not an exception. The fiancée looks so stylish in this gorgeous dress, her darling love is wearing a nice suit, he looks handsome in it. As the couple are walking and kissing, the photographer is trying to capture the one and only perfect moment. And he really did a great job. Bravo!

Fine Art Wedding at The West Mill

A day of the wedding is very important. The couple try to make it perfect, of course everybody helps them. The photographer took really great photos of the happy couple. No doubt, these two are very proud of themselves today. The bride is wearing just a gorgeous vintage dress, she looks very stylish in it. Her sweetheart is wearing a dark blue suit. As for the bridesmaids’ attires, they are wonderful, too. The atmosphere of these photos is very lovely. Once can see how much fun there is. The musicians are entertaining the guests. It is a very nice day to fall in love again!


When you have free time, would you like to spend it with your sweetheart? This sweet couple definitely enjoys the company of each other. These are the photos of their wedding. You will not see guests and all that typical tables and chairs. There are just two of them enjoying the big day. Both of them look very wonderful, they are smiling and kissing. The photographer took really beautiful photos. The atmosphere of the photos is very romantic and intimate.


The day is sunny and warm. The atmosphere is just peaceful and calm. The couple are enjoying nice weather and beautiful nature. They’ve asked the photographer to help them to remember those sweet moments in their memory. All the photos seem to be wonderful, don’t they? The women is wearing a flawless white dress, she is smiling a lot. Her darling love looks very stylish in his suitand a hat. As they are having the promenade in the field, photographer is trying to capture a perfect angle. What a nice day to be happy!

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